optimism spell

High Priestess of NYX

Spell to keep your thoughts positive no matter what is taking place around you. This spell chanted regularly will help you to be more optimistic. Recite the following.


Within my mind I feel such power

A fearless mind I do have

Golden light encircles me with mind’s eye I see clearly

Light’s energy I feel within

Serenity mine it is to be

Elves chanting song of light

Witches with wands weaving magic

A fortress golden made for me

Serene mind I do envisage

Safety there will always be

Witches now do bind my spell

They make for me enchanted space

I breathe in golden light for strength

I feel serene within safe space

The light is there for evermore

Haven always there for me

Ability to overcome

Mind still

Thoughts tranquil

Calm place will always be

Ambient and safe space for me

I feel such strength now grow within

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