Goddess’ and God’s of Night

High Priestess of NYX

Each Goddess has a purpose and though they have many names the Goddess her self is still the same. Different Cultures have different names for Goddess’ for every type of situation and particular cause. Each witch is different and that is just fine!  Also just because you favor one Goddess for you life path does not mean that you cannot use other Goddess for different spells.  The Goddess I follow is the Goddess  of the night. In Greek Mythology her name is Nyx.

She is the first Goddess I will write about then I will write names of Goddess’ for every thing and the different names from the culture they come from although they are the same Goddess. Actually in some cultures It is a god not a goddess!

night deity is a god or goddess, classified in mythology associated with night, the night sky, or darkness. They commonly…

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