House Blessing Spell & Chant!

Start with supplies:

Smudge stick of Sweet/White Sage with a couple 

5 small Drops of lavender essential oil

Three Candles One for the Goddess, God, and Spirit

Circle casting supplies:

agate(earth)/amethyst(air)/red jasper(fire) or onyx(water)

(protection stones used in your circle for the elements)

 Lighter, and Feather

cast a circle in your fashion.

Put the five drops of oil on smudge stick

Open all the windows and Light smudge stick& using your feather

take the feather in a counter clock wise circle motion

to draw out the negative energies! and brush the smoke towards the open windows.

Then in a clock wise motion use the feather to draw in the smoke while saying this chant!   

ImageThen Shut the windows and thank the spirit and the God and Goddess

Close your circle! Let the spirit and Goddess and God Candles burn out !



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