Happy Valentines Day Sisters and Brothers =]

Merry Meet! I hope your Day and Night is filled with the love of the Goddess and the full moon shines Making a perfect day to Cast and show your love to your deities! Nyx is my Goddess and I Have my alter decorated for her for giving me Love, Peace and happiness! I hope you are getting Peace and happiness as well!  Merry part! and blessed be! 

Calling the Elements for imbolic!



elementsDuring the second day of Imbolc Here is how you can call the elements you can even click on the page and print it out for your book of shadows! Merry part and Merry Meet again! My goddess is Nyx, but her daughter is the Goddess that is celebrated during this holiday Gaia.


Merry Meet! Merry Imbolc

I Hope all the fellow Children of the earth and who have faith are MERRY and HAPPY during this time of celebration!

This Holiday is not just about Mother Earth its about the cycle of Rebirth of the Green man and Horned God. What ever religion or Deity you choose to follow please remember we are all children of earth the cycle of life and death is real and beautiful death is not the end,  it is an transition!