Ten Beltane Decoration Ideas

The Witch of Howling Creek

Beltane’s not my favorite Sabbat, I’ll be honest. It’s a very group-centric holiday and as a solitary practitioner, I have trouble connecting to it. That being said, however, Beltane does offer many ways to beautify our homes and connect with others so I am trying to take it from a different perspective this year! To get me started, ten Beltane decoration ideas:Ten Beltane Decoration Ideas by The Witch of Howling Creek

  1. Decorate a wooden dowel with ribbons and place in a pot of moss as a small-scale maypole.
  2. Floral wreaths are a lovely way to mix up the style of centerpieces. Simply place a small wreath of flowers around a candle or even something like a punch bowl.
  3. For décor subtly reminiscent of the ribbons of the maypole, tie or pin wide ribbons of various colors to a curtain rod and hang over an altar, bed or other area in need of decoration. Make your May Day curtain magickal…

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