These are the different spells from a mixture of Voodoo, Wiccan, Druid, Hoodoo and Pagan to eclectic witches. Go threw the side bar to find out what spell you want but first.


Know you’re the magic and you are what makes everything work. You and spirit!

First set your intent, then really visualize what you want.

What outcome you want.

You must be able to clear your mind of all the daily stresses and truly focus. If not you are wasting your time with all of this.

Meditation is the basis of most divination, then find what kind of spell you want to do candle magic, tarot, wind or water or maybe scyring ? Its all your choice and I have a history for all of the types on the different pages as well as how to do it so I will leave you with this, You are the key to making your spell work. Not any fancy candles your spirit and mind everything else helps seeing your goal. It wont help you get it though!

Merry Part! Blessed be!


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