Spell for Family Feuds/fighting

This is the spell to do for up coming holidays and seeing family members that you are not particularly looking forward to!

This is a protection spell to assist those who are entangled in family feuds, it will help to calm the energies.


  • One pink tapered candle in holder
  • One green tapered candle in holder
  • One white tapered candle in holder
  1. (If you do not have pink and green candles you can use white ones instead.)
  • Rose essence and oil burner
  • One rose quartz
  • One clear quartz crystal
  • One vase containing one bunch of flowers that make you happy


Place three drops of rose essence in the flower water, anoint each candle with rose essence, put three drops of rose essence in the oil burner and light. Place the clear quartz crystal in front of the candles and light them. Hold the rose quartz in your right hand, if it is a large rose quartz place your right hand on it while you are reciting spell. Recite the following;

“My will be done

As flowers bloom

As day turns to night

All calm pervades

Chaos gone serenity mine

Gentle wings of angels sway

Love and light does come what may

My will be done”

Blow out the white and green candle, let the pink candle burn down and let the incense burn down. Take three petals from one flower and place it under your pillow leaving it there for three nights.

Merry Meet and Merry Part and Have a happy Thanksgiving !

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