How to make Thieves Oil from Home!

There is a wonderful story behind Thieves oil.

During the plague a band of thieves were stealing from the ill, dying and dead. When caught and questioned as to why they never got ill despite being in very close proximity to those with the disease they revealed that they were spice merchants and had developed a special blend of herbs and spices which helped to protect them from the plague when rubbed on their throats, ears, noses and hands.

Thieves oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal and can be used as a hand sanitizer, rubbed on the chest and neck and used as an air purifier to protect from cold, coughs and flu.

Thieves oil is named as such because it is rumored that the original blend was given to the King of England after a band of thieves who had been stealing from the ill, dying and dead during the plague, were caught. Demanding to know how they stayed well even after being intimately close with those who were infected, the thieves explained that they had been spice merchants and traders pre-plague and had developed this blend of herbs and spices, and rubbed it on their throats, ears, noses and hands before going out on their raids.

You can buy Thieves Oil online, but I prefer to make my own – much more economical and I never have to re-order because one “batch” lasts a long, long time!

  • 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) Clove Essential Oil

  • 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) Lemon Essential Oil

  • 2-1/2 teaspoons (12.5 ml) Cinnamon (Cassia) Bark Essential Oil

  • 2 (10 ml) teaspoons Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  • 2 (10 ml) teaspoons Rosemary Essential Oil

  • A carrier oil of your choice*

  • Dark-colored bottles with droppers (I have the 1-ounce size, some with regular screw tops and a few dropper tops)

*The carrier oil I tend to prefer is Sweet Almond Oil because it’s easily available, is safe for newborns on up and I always have it on hand for use as a massage oil, carrier oil or just after-bath oil for those sensitive-skinned ones living among us.   It also sinks into the skin easily without being greasy, and can be used at 100% dilution.  Other carrier oils you can use at 100% dilution include grapeseed and apricot kernel or if you want to blend carrier oils, try 10%  avocado or jojoba, mixed in, among others.

In a glass measuring cup, measure out all of the essential oils.

It ends up making around an eighth of a cup of essential oil blend.

But remember, these are essential oils we are talking about.  They are POTENT and are almost never, ever used without being diluted into either a carrier oil or in water.  An eighth of a cup of undiluted essential oil blend is A LOT.  It has lasted me over a year and I’ve given a few (diluted) bottles away.  Just saying.

How to use Thieves Oil

I use Thieves Oil, if not daily, then at least several times a week. I keep two bottles handy at all times : one undiluted (or, “neat”) and another diluted with my favorite carrier oil (I tend to favor almond or jojoba oil) for use topically.  Please make sure that your undiluted and your diluted bottles are CAREFULLY and CLEARLY marked as such!

To dilute your Thieves Oil for use topically, simply blend :

12-30 drops of essential oil blend with 2 Tablespoons of carrier oil, or up to 5 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil,

You can use your DILUTED Thieves Oil, topically :

  • As a hand sanitizer

  • Massaged onto the bottom of the feet to ward away cold and flu

  • Massaged onto the small of your back and the back of your neck to minimize aches and pains during cold and flu season

  • Rubbed into the chest, neck and ears to ward away the cold and flu and help open up the sinuses

  • Dab a drop on your temples to help ward away a headache

  • Dab a drop on an insect bite to make it stop itching

You can use your UNDILUTED Thieves Oil by adding :

  • 1-9 drops in a bowl of just-boiled water or a humidifer for room purification

  • 1 drop per ounce of water for use as an all-purpose disinfecting spray (you can also use this as a room or fabric/mattress spray at this ratio)

  • a few drops mixed in to your steam vacuum or steam mop water,

  • a few drops mixed with baking soda to use as a disinfectant scrub (sinks, bathtubs, etc.),

  • a maximum of 8 drops in a bath or shower (less for children, more for adults)

  • 8 drops to a diffuser to clean the air (I do this all the time during cold and flu season)

  • 5-10 drops in your washing machine to disinfect toys, sheets, etc.

  • add a drop or two to a soft cloth to clean and disinfect items like cell phones or computers

Make sure to err on the low side of dilution for children or pregnant women**, and on the higher side for adults.

Make sure that you clearly label your essential oil blends and keep them away from children. Yes, they are safe to use, sparingly on children***, but they should be administered by the hands of a knowledgeable adult.

I’ve seen stories online from people who use Thieves Oil for all manner of things from a foot bath when dealing with athletes foot (due to it’s anti-fungal properties), mixed with vinegar as a mouthwash (do NOT ingest) and even for clearing up mold in the home.  I haven’t tried any of these options, I don’t necessarily support or recommend them, but they are out there if you are interested.